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PDA Data Collector V 1.0.0

PDA Data Collector will completely ease the workload when it comes to mass data collecting scenarios.

PDA Data Collector is used to collect data from different geographical locations by different users using a PDA device. The collected data is transferred to a main centralized point (Server) for further manipulation of data. The data transferring from the PDA device to the Server is done real time, although synchronizing later is also available.

This PDA application is running on Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher versions.

Advantages of PDA Data Collector

  • More secure and fast way of data collecting due to the advanced authentication and encryption mechanisms used.
  • Greater accuracy and less possibilty of making mistakes due to the validation techniques used in PDA Data Collector.
  • Far more easy than tradional data collecting methods.
  • Easy to synchronize.
  • User friendly screens making it easy for the user to enter data in a lesser time.